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Since our establishment in 1978, we at Rascon Ltd have taken pride in providing a premium roofing service to Merseyside and beyond. Operating throughout the North West and the UK, we focus on sourcing the best quality supplies and workmanship

They Treat Your Home Like It’s Their Home

Roof repair and replacement is a messy job. The best contractors treat your home like their own. They take care to protect the job site, and when the work is over, they’ll clean up the remaining mess.

How to price and bid a roofing job

Why is underbidding so common? In many of these cases, the roofers underestimated their overhead. Instead of pricing by the time it takes to do the job, they simply priced by the number of squares. Then, tie everything off by filling out your estimate using a roof estimate template. You’ll blow your competitors out of the water in no time.


superior products & uncompromising service

At Penfolds Roofing & Solar we know that an investment in a new roof is one of the most important decisions you can make when upgrading your home. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond in ensuring that you receive only the best!


With over 80 years of service, we offer the most comprehensive warranty package available in the industry and are the only roofing and solar company who are able to incorporate both the Manufacturer’s Warranty 


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We proudly employ the Industries most dedicated individuals, who are all professionally trained to Roofin service standards.


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Proudly providing stress free home installation for families across the UK

Roofin has gained an enviable track record for providing effective & quality service.

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